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A true Design and Construct company

Our Modular construction techniques are well developed and have been extensively used in Europe, Australia and Asia for many years. Design and engineering have developed to the point where buildings up to 20 storeys high can be built within extraordinarily short timeframes.


Innovative contemporary designs are created to maximise the benefits of modular construction and modern building materials. Each home comprises a series of modules which are connected onsite. Modules are based on use of a steel chassis which provides the required structural strength and carries the required framing, services and finishes.

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All commercial type construction, such as student accommodation, child care centres, motels, townhouses are engineered to exceed current building standards while achieving cost effective building outcomes competitive with conventional construction methods.
Engineering methods have been drawn from recognised international consultants and team expertise.

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Modulexc manufacturing takes place in-factory at the Rocklea QLD facility where the environment is controlled to ensure maximum productivity and quality. Our manufacturing process is ‘Best Practice’ and our manufacturing facility is commissioned with speed-to-market and quality in mind.

We utilise local manufacturers for our building products and locally source labour.
Module transport from factory to site can be handled by any of the many heavy transport providers as they are designed to be accommodated by standard heavy vehicle configurations.

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We serve all types of clients

full service

from start to finish

Modulexc offers the full spectrum of a true Design and Construct company including:

  • Town planning and building approval management

  • Specialised engineering outcomes suitable for the modular building system

  • A loyal group of consultants who work collectively to ensure project meets all legislative and usability expectations.

  • Full site management, installation and commissioning


Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about a project, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is happy to offer a free consultation to answer all your modular construction questions.

How long to build compared to traditional?

In urban areas Modular can be 30% quicker to build. In regional areas Volumetric Modular can save up to half the construction time (50%).

Due to the quality systems within the factory process, are defects minimal once the building is delivered?

Yes, we have a robust system of QA in place. All trades are supervised constantly. The dry controlled environment in the factory helps with quality as we don’t have any weather delays or issues.

How sustainable is the build process in the factory compared to a traditional build?

Modulexc is proudly a sustainable operation. Traditionally, construction has very high demands on water, however with Modulexc’s volumetric methodology, we use minimal water during our construction process. Our waste management is exemplary, with all waste recycled in the factory resulting in very little impact on site. Additionally, our noise pollution reduction performs really well due to the layering required on each module during construction. 

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